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To perform a calculation with the Chinese calendar conception chart, simply cross the line corresponding to the age of the mother at the time of conception with the column corresponding to the lunar month of the current year.

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For example, let's imagine that you are 25 years old during the Year of the Rat and you have decided to conceive your child on March 10, or around this date. To find out if your baby will be a boy or a girl, use our Chinese pregnancy calendar below. If you cross the line reserved for mothers of 26 years which corresponds in to the women born during the Year of the Dog of with the column of the Rabbit Month which lasts from February 23 to March 23, , the sex predicted for your child is male. According to Chinese tradition, if you conceive your baby during this period that includes the date of your wish March 10, , the pregnancy calendar envisages the future birth of a boy rather than a girl.

Remember that every year, as you become one year older, the position of your line on the yearly Chinese calendar conception chart goes down one line. Also, the 12 months of the calendar columns are Chinese lunisolar months and not Gregorian months, which means that every year they have different dates. Skip to content Boy or girl? Chinese gender predictor Contents How it works Birth calendar Birth calendar Saturn wants a lot of effort and a lot of sweat from you and does not give satisfaction.

All these months, therefore, are very tiring in the work and many of you can age more quickly with some problems to the bones and teeth that are often weak points with this planetary transition. We must also pay close attention to any enemies who hide and can create many professional complications and be careful not to waste money on absolutely wrong investments. Meaning for the sign of gemini: beautiful trine for you during these two years that could be essential to meet many needs and achieve many goals and professional achievements.

In fact Saturn in trine, despite this planet is considered an evil planet, it can instead be a lever to make a big leap in your life in every sector but especially in the professional sector with the possibility of making excellent profits but above all to obtain praise, gratification, salary increases and promotions that can be very stable for many years. What you can achieve in these years is very tiring but everything can last a long time and bring a lot of satisfaction.

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So much effort but also many business and economic successes and if you are a freelancer your wallet can fill in a very obvious. Saturn makes you more mature, wiser, more concrete and less superficial with an evolution at the character level and with an inner evolution that can make you people much stronger than before.

Even on a physical level you can recover energy and feel more strength. No one can stop your run to success and everyone who associates with you will enjoy great luck. On a sentimental level this astrological position signals the possibility of living a particularly serious relationship of love, with few entertainments and little superficiality but with feelings that grow and become more and more stable and concrete.

A very solid family in which to feel love and security. Meaning for the sign of cancer: finally Saturn is no longer in opposition and now your freedom begins to be particularly beautiful to live every day. These two years are very positive for you and you can be reborn after two years of hard physical and mental fatigue with struggles that were really very complicated to carry on and manage.

Now we need to work on new projects trying to slowly recover strength, mental and physical energy but above all optimism, smile and self-esteem. All qualities that the opposition of Saturn has brought to the lowest levels but many of you have come out strengthened by this complex situation of the past with a lot.

During these two years and especially during the year , you will have to be very careful about the details to be able to meet the needs of your family and partner. It must be said that the sextile of Uranus can now finally bear fruit and all that you have not been able to renew in your life in the previous years, can be realized with the planet of time that now no longer disturbs anyone. The beginning of the year is particularly interesting with favorable working opportunities thanks to the support of Jupiter which favors a few months of progress and in which money can enter your pockets even in large quantities.

Physical recovery will be very evident and possible problems to the bones, teeth can now find a useful solution thanks to the knowledge of good doctors. Finally return to review the stars. Meaning for the sign of leo: terrible opposition of Saturn and therefore months and years really very complicated for you but especially in work while in love things can find useful solutions. Meanwhile, the opposition of Saturn foreshadows considerable physical fatigue, even if you are very young, a considerable mental fatigue and serious health problems but obviously if you are a very advanced age.

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In fact, if you are old enough you will have to fight serious bone and tooth problems, you will have to be very careful about falls, accidents at home and what you can do with your car. You do not have to make long trips because during the trips it is likely to have some disagreement, some major annoyance and everything will not go as you want. Your projects do not take off and do not allow you to be very efficient at work and particular problems with people working with you can arise. The climate in the workplace becomes particularly complex and not easy to manage with difficulty in demonstrating your qualities.

Possible redundancies due to some mistakes you make or because of people who have become enemies and thus create very serious obstacles in your professional life. Do not throw away money hoping to earn the game or in real estate and financial investments very risky because the trap is always around the corner. Difficulty in showing your feelings towards the person you love that perhaps becomes more serious, not very cheerful and very demanding towards you.

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Meaning for the sign of virgo: the new position of Saturn in the sky is not particularly important for you and does not create serious difficulties even considering that Saturn has been in trine for a couple of years with your sky. This trine has greatly strengthened your life in dreams sector and has allowed you to grow, to find a better inner peace and to make your life more stable.

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Now Saturn is no longer a good friend but now you have learned many things from his astrological passage in the past few years and you have gained more confidence in yourself and you can move forward even without the help of other people. In these years you can go through periods of serious difficulties but the wisdom you have accumulated, especially if you are over forty years of age, will allow you to find the right solution in every sector without suffering depression and pessimism.

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You are very concrete people and you also know how to save money and you will hardly have serious economic difficulties and then we must consider that the support and support of Uranus to your sky continues to give periods in which renewal is important. Even on a sentimental level the situation can be very balanced and you can continue to carry out projects of life together with the person you love, while those who live in a lonely phase may prefer to remain alone, waiting for a great love. Do not forget that the maturity that Saturn has brought into your life must lead you to meet and fall in love with a very serious person like you and not superficial.

Meaning for the sign of libra: you too can finally return to smile thanks to a beautiful trine of Saturn that can often be much more advantageous than the trigon, the sextile or the conjunction of Jupiter. This very important astrological passage allows you to live a very interesting professional situation in which each of your projects can finally be concretized but with enormous sacrifice and sweat to be shed every day. In fact, the planet of time and wisdom requires a lot of effort and many sacrifices before allowing the achievement of important goals that will arrive already at the end of the year and will continue in the following year with the support and support of the favorable influences of Jupiter in trine.

As for family life, the climate improves and any fights with relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers, parents, children can find a useful solution leading to a serenity and inner peace. You become much more mature and wise during these two years and your maturity is evident from the outside but also on an inner level with a greater ability to process difficulties. Saturn consolidates every relationship of professional collaboration bringing also numerous agreements and contracts that can continue for many years. Even on an economic level, things improve and you can save a lot of money or invest some of it in buying a new home.

Very interesting months to start a new professional project but very calm and without making mistakes. Meaning for the sign of scorpio: unfortunately the squaring of Saturn can really be very heavy for you and it will not be absolutely easy to solve various professional problems that may come into your life. Meanwhile, it must be said that during these two years you can grow old, be particularly tired every day and the smile on your lips will disappear very often. In short, less fun, hard work and a lot of effort to get very few benefits, few successes and little money in your pockets.

Unfortunately Saturn can complicate some bureaucratic problems, create conflicts within the family, even for situations connected with inheritance and bring various health problems. In reference to your physical and mental health Saturn can create significant complications to bones and teeth.

You have to be very careful about falls and therefore do not do dangerous sports, do not run too fast with the car and you have to be very careful to drive so as not to cause damage to other people. You are also very careful about your savings and do not invest money in buying a new house or do not believe you can earn money very easily just because someone says so.

Sense of loneliness that grows within you, less magnetism and a reduced level of erotic charge but above all the desire to stay indoors without going out having fun. If you do so, however, you will not be able to meet anybody and if your desire is to fall in love then the situation will be really gray.

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According to the Chinese Zodiac, your birth year tells you more than just your age. As per the forecast in your Pisces wealth and property Horoscope , get ready to grab some amazing benefits from your deals. Those born under the sign are natural born leaders who typically succeed when given the chance and will also make outstanding parents. The animal year starts on the first day of the Tiger month. They might have triple pay on the day of the festival.

Uranus confirms a period of blockade in every sector of your life. Meaning for the sign of sagittarius: you can live a particularly interesting two-year period under any profile but above all in work and love. Meanwhile, the sextile of Saturn offers the possibility of recovering on a physical level after a particularly complicated period in which perhaps you have also suffered from problems with the bones or teeth. This new energy that comes, strengthens your inner life and allows you to be particularly effective in work and love, but you must not be too demanding towards the partner and the people who work with you.

In fact you can work many hours a day without feeling too much physical fatigue and you can also work on new projects in collaboration with new people you can trust. Try to be very honest with yourself and to establish a level of collaboration that does not harm other people who can instead be useful to you to achieve successes that can still come after a long and tiring job.

If you are planning to go to live in a new house or are planning to renovate the house where you already live with your family and then with the people you love, then try to do everything by the end of the year as during this period the strength of Saturn will be even more consistent and together with the sextile of Jupiter will create a truly wonderful climate. Excellent financial investments, economic solidity, emotional stability, serenity and inner maturity and a very important evolution that allows you to progress in all sectors even if with a lot of tiredness.

Obviously the satisfactions arrive and when they arrive after having worked a lot, you are much more satisfied. Meaning for the sign of capricorn: the planet that many astrologers consider dangerous and evil has been with you for over two years and during these two years many of you have been able to realize, even if with a lot of effort and effort, lots of ideas and projects. Now that Saturn is no longer with you its continued support in another area of??

In fact, the planetary shift of Saturn takes place in the second astrological house and this means that your money can increase significantly, you can make huge progress in the professional sector and the result of your efforts will be a lot of money that will come into your pocket. All new collaborations, new contracts and agreements bring an inflow of money that can be very interesting for many of you, but this money does not have to remain firm, it must be used to improve your professional life. Try to buy a new house, use your money for an important financial investment or to meet your needs in your home where you might also decide to change furniture, make a major renovation.

If the work offers various opportunities also to young people, considering the support of Jupiter that is precisely in your second astrological house and therefore forms an aspect of conjunction with Saturn, even in love the solidity in the couple relationship can be very important and can bring enormous progress with the decision to take a decisive step perhaps hoping for the arrival of a new child. Certainly when Saturn passes into the second astrological house, one must not think that the economic situation will always be flourishing, but it will also be necessary to fight against constant costs that may even come suddenly.

Meaning for the sign of aquarius: this astrological position is not very favorable. Usually when a planet passes in a part of the sky, it can offer favorable opportunities but in this case, speaking of Saturn and therefore of the planet that many astrologers define a malevolent planet, one must be very cautious in any area of?? Saturn indicates maturity, wisdom, reasoning, economic stability and sentimental but the conjunction with the Sun in an astral chart is not absolutely favorable and therefore these years can be very heavy, full of many obstacles and physical and mental fatigue that grows every day.