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Taurus Moon Sign

Not surprisingly, this event lines up with the sign of Taurus: the sign of spring, when the physical realm is bursting with color, abundance, and life.

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It also activates Taurus' opposite sign, Scorpio: the sign of death, the occult, and mysteries that lie beyond the veil of reality. There is divinity in this balance — Scorp and Taurus are two parts of a whole that cannot exist without the other.

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Enhancing the powerful Buddha Moon are the nodes of fate , which are related to the lunar and solar eclipses. Occurring in the signs of Leo and Aquarius, they've called on us to decide what takes priority — our own wishes or those of the collective? Perhaps something needs to come to an end so that a new beginning can come about for you. This is an up or down, right or left moment for all of us, when the universe points out our current trajectory and asks if we want to continue in this direction — or if we would like to shift gears.

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Consider this a warm up for the actual eclipses that will come our way in July and August. Like everything else in astrology, eclipses run in cycles. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. You will have to step up and show courage.

This is a time for major professional changes for you. These changes will stay with you for years since eclipses are the times of beginnings and endings.

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You will lay to rest the old and go forward with the new for years. So, choose wisely as your future happiness depends on it. You could find it difficult to communicate with friends. This period is a time for you to exclude longterm plans from your life that you are not fully committed to.

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There is no point in spending energy on things you don't want to. So, save your time and energy for the more important things in your life. Communication on the professional side will need attention. You will recognize your financial weaknesses. So, take steps to protect your assets. You will have more chances to make money over the next six months. You will have to be attentive and bold to bag that lucky break when it comes along. It's been a taxing year for you and it has stretched you thin.

This year, you have been forced to grow personally. The lunar eclipse will further cause you to grow, not for any external achievements, but for yourself. As you age, the more you are ready to change, it shows a willingness to stay young at heart.

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You could face difficulty communicating with partners, especially with financial partners. A sudden change will bring you in touch with someone who can offer you new opportunities on the work front.

You might feel unsettled initially but it will all come together. You will feel things just working out for you, only if you take the necessary action to seal the deal.

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Don't celebrate prematurely. It is upon you to find a clear destination for yourself and find the reasons to go ahead. This period will bring eclipses with it but once you are clear, you will be able to move ahead with efficiency. The Mystical Sister x Sep 19, This week may prove to be a bit calmer than last. Otherwise, this week and weekend should prove to be mellow — and hopefully more relaxing than last.

You can read your individual horoscope for more info! Aries: The week may start with a sharp, but grounded, focus on money.

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You can use the lunar energies to hone in on what you need to get done this week regarding money and your self-worth. The weekend might finally feel like the weekend you get to really relax, and you might just find some real fun right in the comfort of your own home.

The royal baby is a Taurus. Here's what an astrology expert says about his birth chart.

In fact, fun actually might look more like taking care of yourself and other people this weekend than going out. You may seek stability more than excitement or getting things done this weekend. Taurus: Monday and Tuesday may be great days to find some time to really connect with yourself.

Those days may be the prime days to talk, send out texts and emails or have serious conversations. By Sunday you may be focused on staying in, so you might not have the energy to be going out and running around.

If you do have to be out and about, you could strategize your errands or social engagements for earlier in the weekend, or one consolidated chunk of time on Sunday. You may really want your home time! Gemini: Monday and Tuesday might be a bit spacey for you, as the Lunar energies guide you to get into your psyche and find some grounding ideas to bring back to Earth with you. You could get a chance to explore some new spiritual territory or practices that involve getting to a headspace that illuminates more than just your normal day-to-day.

Friday and Saturday may have you pondering that ever-evolving question of just how you put yourself out there to make money in ways you feel good and solid about.

Maybe it looks like volunteer work, fundraising or grant efforts. Sunday could be a great day to fire off emails, have big convos or work on that writing project. Wednesday and Thursday may be draining and leave you feeling spacy and in need of some deep rooted meditation, yoga or journaling.

Allow time for relaxation and letting your mind wander.

The Moon will be waning in your sign on Friday and Saturday, which could be your cue to focus on yourself through nurturing and self-care. The energy of the weekend could be best spent doing things to fortify yourself, leaving you feeling nurtured and giving you strength for the new week ahead. Leo: Monday and Tuesday may be great days to put yourself in focus to get some real work done.

You should have a lot of solid energy that will help you get down to business on whatever you need to work on. Tuesday and Wednesday could be great for date nights with friends, meetups, community gatherings or anything social where you can talk and feel safe being you! The weekend may bring some spaciness and emotions, as the Lunar energies will support you diving deep within your psyche to grab valuable pieces of information. Sunday may be the strongest and most supportive day of the week for you, when the Moon is in your sign.